My father, whom I called “Tata” 
(Slavic nickname for ‘daddy’)
painted many portraits of me...  

...I had to pose for hours -
meditation training at an early age!  


Every day, my father would sit at his easel from early morning until he lost the light.  Then he’d retire to the piano and play a medley of the most passionate interpretations of Beethoven or Mozart sonatas, Chopin etudes or Brahms lullabies. 

He passed away suddenly over Thanksgiving weekend, 1970, after an accidental fall.  Having become preoccupied with my own teenage interests, it was an unexpected and shocking loss.  I will miss him forever. 

The following lyric will be translated into Serbian and the song and music video are works in progress...



Your hands held me tight

I had no fear of falling

Your hands played the keys

I followed the calling 


Blue Jumper



My father, every day, and always..... I will miss you




Anna Reading Babar

Miss your hands, I treasure

the first you ever drew,

Tonka Sleeping






They painted "The Actor"

holding a mask for his play







Indian Summer


Miss your hands, on the canvas

Painting a native’s bow 

Your last brush stroke,

the brown fur of a buffalo

A sacrifice of sacred beast

provides for all a home and feast

The Painting Lesson



Miss your voice, no more good mornings,

no goodbyes that Winter’s day

It took time to forgive you;

there’s so much left to say










They painted my eyes,

my gaze was straight and true

Much was said in silence,

just between us two

All over the house, 

you tracked spots of Prussian Blue














They immortalized

the first born son you hardly knew





The Actor



They captured mother’s beauty

on an Indian Summer’s day




The Buffalo Hunt



My father, every day, and always..... I will miss you



You painted, 'til you lost the light,

Every day until you lost the fight

Each work of art you left behind

Your legacy will last through time






Lived a lifetime without you, still memories abound

Just a girl when you fell from the platform to the ground

You were the first to win my heart

and the first to break it down


My Father, every day and always,

I will miss your love profound 

My Father, every day and always,

I will miss your love profound


My Father, far from your homeland, looking down from the stars above,

My Father, from now until forever, I will never forget your love

My Father, every day and always .... I will miss you.... and I will always miss your hands 

Anna Thea Bogdanovich


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