It has been my pleasure to host and co-curate this historic exhibition of the art of Yugoslav/American artist, “Borislav Bogdanovich: Impressions.” Working closely with Anna and listening to reminiscences of both Anna and Peter Bogdanovich, I have been privileged to a special insight into the personal and artistic world of this now rediscovered artist. We continually strive for the opportunity to discover works of art by significant artists of this magnitude. Through this exhibition our intentions have been realized as we present the first formal American exhibition of Bogdanovich’s lifetime work since his death in 1970.


The catalog is a formalization of this rediscovery, in the hope that guests and patrons will enjoy a glimpse of the world through the eyes of artist Borislav Bogdanovich, and that through his paintings, they will enjoy and recognize their strength and beauty.

Thank you to Anna and Peter Bogdanovich for a fruitful collaboration that was most interesting and enjoyable. All of us extend a warm thank you to curator and critic Peter Frank for his insightful forward to the exhibition catalog. Also thanks to Alec Andon for his imagination and diligent efforts in the preparation of the exhibition and catalog. We would like to thank Krol Vodka for sponsoring the opening evening, and thanks to our gallery event caterer Ronen Levy Events. I would also like to extend a special thank you to our publicists, Rembrandt, Alexis and Meredith at EFG.

And finally, an important thank you to the art lovers and collectors of the world. Their awareness and passion to understand the thoughts, and feelings of the artist is where much magic lies.

Trigg Ison
Trigg Ison Fine Art Inc.
West Hollywood
October 2008