The Bogdanovich Collection

consists of the artworks

created by the Yugoslav-American Artist


April 3, 1899 - November 29, 1970


This website is a tribute to my late father and his life's work. Reminiscences and additional photos will be posted in my MEMOIR Blog and FAMILY PORTRAIT.  A music video and song I wrote for my father are in progress; see lyric MISS YOUR HANDS.

The historical Legacy Art collection consists of over 1000 works executed in a variety of mediums. There are over 250 oils, 275 gouaches, watercolors & mixed media; 450 pen & ink / wash drawings and over 100 sketches and additional studies.  

Some of the artworks have gold-leaf frames crafted by the artist's wife, my late mother, Herma Bogdanovich.  Only a small selection of artworks from the collection are exhibited in the website GALLERY.  Additional images will continue to be posted.  

Subjects include Still lifes, Family Portraits, Figurals, Nudes, Land and Cityscapes, an Inhumanity to Man and a Native American Series. The collection includes a triptych of murals depicting Pueblo Native Americans: Kachinas, Canyon de Chelly and The Procession; and a 26-foot mural, Buffalo Hunt, the artist's last work. 

The early works (1915-1939) were created in the artist's homeland of present-day Serbia (Former Yugoslavia) where he was a member of "The Twelve" renowned artists from the Vojvodina area of Former Yugoslavia in the early 20th century.  He continued his career in the United States and was soon exhibited with many masters of Modern Art in New York City (1939-1965). The last period was in Scottsdale, Arizona (1965-1970) where he was commissioned to create large scale murals of Native American scenes.

A selection of original artworks are now available for sale and will be posted on a regular basis.  Images of selected artworks will also soon be made available for licensing and editions of graphics.  It is my intention that a percentage of sales be allocated toward the restoration and conservation of artworks and other biographical and historical materials.  A significant amount of biographical photographs and other historical memorabilia still needs to be scanned, catalogued and archived.  Interns are always welcome!

It has been a long-time goal of mine to present the Legacy Art collection to the public in a center dedicated to global harmony through the arts and culture.  Towards that end, I am currently developing an entertainment website that will feature music and multimedia projects in the same vein.  Anyone interested in exploring possible collaboration on these ventures is welcome to contact me.  

I invite you to explore and enjoy!   

Anna Thea Bogdanovich
the Artist's Daughter 

songwriter / multimedia composer
Emmy-nominated documentary producer
social artist / humanist / peacemaker


Borislav Bogdanovich was one of "The Twelve" renowned artists from the Vojvodina area of Former Yugoslavia (Serbia) in the early 20th century.  There has been no formal dissertation.  A graduate student is welcome to undertake this important project.  


If you own a painting or artwork by Borislav Bogdanovich please email a photo with a description that includes dimensions, medium, condition, how/when you acquired the work and your contact information.  


We are establishing guidelines for donations to be allocated towards the restoration and conservation of many of these historic artworks, including the artist's last works, the four murals: Kachinas, Canyon de Chelly, The Procession and Buffalo Hunt.  


Several artworks are missing and unaccounted for.  Please review the GALLERY - MISSING archive that contains images and information on these works of art.  Any information on the whereabouts of these missing artworks is greatly appreciated.  We anticipate and look forward to either being informed about the details pertaining to legitimately gifted, sold and purchased artworks; and/or the safe return of these artworks to The Bogdanovich Collection.  


Anna Thea Bogdanovich is the owner of The Bogdanovich Collection. 

For additional information, please contact: 
Anna Thea Bogdanovich


I am eternally grateful to my partner Jason Klassi who has also provided major funding for the production of this website; and to friends Shelley Gazin, Kristin Kitrell, Eileen Gonzales, Baila and Daniel Romm, Whitney, Fred and Charlotte Hodges, Leslie and Joe Sohm, Jorjana and Roger Kellaway, late great artist Robert McIntosh, Actress/Producer Colleen Camp and Author Frank Fiore, whose friendship and support has sustained my efforts in safeguarding my late father's historical Legacy Art collection.  I am also grateful to family members who have made contributions to these efforts and include my cousins Rene' Gandolfi, Carla Stockton, Sarah Swett, Fedja and Smiljka Soretic and my late sister, Polly Platt.  Several have also purchased artworks.  I will never forget the generous assistance of friends, family and colleagues over the years. 

I must also include my sincere appreciation for the kind consideration of Jimmy Isenson, at whose fine art storage facility the majority of the collection had been housed for many years.  My gratitude also to Gallerist Trigg Ison who mounted a spectacular show; and to art historian Peter Frank, who offered his expert scholarly review of my father's work in the catalog produced for the Trigg Ison Fine Art Exhibit.  Mr. Frank also introduced my father's work for inclusion in the Treasuring Treasures  Exhibition at the American Jewish University Platt & Borstein Galleries May 11 through July 25, 2014.  The Group Exhibition of Legacy Artists, was curated by Georgia Freedman-Harvey.